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Developing History of EQ Single Double Color Control System

2004: Formal establishment of research and development team for EQ Controller .

2005:Innovative release of LCT2001, which is the image-text control card for single and double color 
2006: Office listing of hardware and Software of the LED bar-screen and LCT 1001   
2007: EQ asynchronous single and double color were named as All-in-one series, Emersion of “EQ3002/2008”
2008:Listing of network version and serial interface version of “EQ 2010 ”in succession, release of EQ 1003 and its fashionable hit .
2009: Listing of button bar-screen card and “ EQ 2010-64/EQ2010-18-28” in succession . 
2010: Release of EQ 5001, Point-to-Point remote control, short-range wireless and bank management system, sophisticated upgrade of EQ2011. 
2011:Comprehensive release of whole serials : serial interface version, network version, U-disk version and voltage version of “The Smurfs”, which igniting the industry.
2012: Stormy upgrade of network version cluster management system and large window version software of “EQ all-in-one 2013” 
2013:New year celebration hit of “ Fire Phoenix” whole series interface version, U-disk Version , network version , rainbow card ,WIFI version , font library version and mobile phone version.
2014: EQ Synchronous full color , Asynchronous large full color hot sale, “EQ Free WIFI Card”, “EQ Video Processor” and “EQ-Cloud” box great fanfare. 
2015: For optimal performance , all the year , we devote ourselves to the study of all the products ,  the demonstrate market improve 270% ! 
2016:we keep trying hard and cease the pursuit ……
Once , we EQ people led the innovation and composed the moving chapter,
Now, we EQ people still march forward and unceasingly creat brilliant achievements.
We have created the industry a new area of multiple program, multiple window and random partition number as well as free partition. Which shows the direction of the development to the control system software Asynchronous Industry.
We introduce the DSP concept to the LED Display Industry, which gives the controller the power surge and fix the recurring illness of slow speed and insufficient load of controller in the industry at that time .
We originate in the asynchronous single and double system that supports 512 point high and 16000point long, which creates the precedent of highest, longest, fastest control in the industry .
We initiate in the creation of “ automatic scan system of asynchronous single and double color” and “automatic scan match”, which in fact makes the efficient assembly of LED display conveniently.
12 years of trials and hardships, EQ has never stop.
12 years of preparation and endeavor as well as attention to the display , we devote ourselves to you with heart and soul
Equal Technology strives to build the world’s  top LED controller and we keep on the sustainable innovation to create increment for you, which arising from “Equal Technology grapes the core dynamics”.